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The Historical of Tambelan Island


1. History
Sultan Abdullah narrated Muaiyatsyah named Sayyid Abu Bakr Youngest King. King opposite the Sultan Johor VII whose tomb was in the island of Riau Islands District Tambelan including one of the islands on the Island of Seven.
Mausoleum of Sultan of Johor is located in a rural area Lepuk Stone is not far from the complex Tambelan Primary School No.003. His tomb is located in an old building that is on the initiative of the late Datuk Yahya Hasnan Rich.
Mausoleum of Sultan Abdullah Muaiyatsyah tomb is surrounded by other families as well as on the North side facing the same lies the tomb of a king named Sultan Riau Mansyur. Marhum Tambelan his tomb was originally located on a hill called Bukit B entayan (Mentayan).
By Sultan Mansur and his brother named Sultan Y Ahya tomb in pugar and move to where the current and by sex workers have been protected by the Act monumenten Ordinance STB 238 1931 with locations in the village of Batu Lepuk Tambelan.
This historic site is closely related to the origin of the name Tambelan Island, so the move he (the Sultan of Johor) has a really deep meaning for all people who visit or pilgrimage to the tomb of King the youngest of Johor. Let us follow the history of the history of the island Tambelan according to a story or a version and a community leader who resides in the village of Lower Kampunq Tambelan District. Tambelan origins of this story according to him had something to do with pemakamam Sultan Abdullah told Muaiyatsyah that in the above.
Recording the results of Mr. Ramli Ismail is derived from H. Bin Ali M. Said (The late) approximately in 1948 where he was at that time located in West Kalimantan. The author himself had witnessed the work of his bacillus of poems, rhymes and genealogy records in the form of those derived progenitor Tambelan grandmother.
He is the parent of the deceased Ismail Ali, former District Jupen Tambelan and then retire and close the age in Tanjungpinang.
2. The delegation of Malaysia Johor arrival.
In the year 1623 AD came to the island which is now the name of Riau Tambelan sailboat boat members consist of:
1. Encik Farmer
2. Encik white
3. Abdurrahman Shah
4. Sayyid Abu Bakr
Sailboat is anchored at a place then called "Tanjung Ayam". Why is it called Cape of chicken? Since your majesty the king to bring his favorite chicken is a chicken-legged white-yellow.
From this boat chickens are flown through the Cape and flew up to perch on a knoll where the latter place last king king funeral. Why he and rombongann up to this historic Cape?.
The real goal is to group that leads the North Borneo or Berunai. One passenger, as mentioned above, was the Sultan of Johor VII is derived from the Sultan of Johor who ruled in 1564-1570 named Sultan Shah Musafar who married the son of King Pahang.
He is to the North Borneo because in those days the capital of scorching the earth nut affection by the people of Aceh.
According to sources Seconds on December 12, 1637 a Dutch sailor named Vande Veer in his notes that in Tambelan been in ketemukan a King named Johor Sultan Abdullah Muaiyatsyah. Seconds further explained that the Sultan of Johor named King of the kingdom Daik Bujang and Linga in the rush continued by the people of Aceh (Aceh troops) because it is very angry because the sultan of Johor in cooperation with the Portuguese and Dutch.
3. Sultan Iskandar Muda
During the Aceh under the rule of Sultan Iskandar Muda (1607-1636) attacked the Johor and captured it in 1613. All authorities, including the sultan and the treasurer Mr. Sri Lanang captive brought to Aceh, the Sultan finally Aludin Riayatsyah III died in there, then Aceh changed the decision and re-induct the Sultan of Johor and magistrates johor returned to their country with the Sultan of Johor agreement will not be allied with the Protugis and the Netherlands as well as willing to marry the son of Sultan Iskandar Muda.
Sultan Abdullah inaugurated as the Sultan of Johor by Abdullah Muaiyatsyah degree in 1615. but the Sultan of broken promises as well as allied with protugis against Aceh, son of the Sultan of Aceh's wife divorced, as a result of it was the Sultan of Aceh became angry.
Action caused the wrath of the king increased the Sultan of Johor in 1623-1677 raised the son of Sultan King Bujang Aludin Riayatsyah III (Sultan of Johor VI) in the year 1597-1615 which is not liked by the Sultan of Pahang as Aceh.
As a result of this action the Sultan of Johor in 1623 Aceh again invaded Johor, so unfortunately named capital of Pinang hangguskan earth. with the gravity of such circumstances, the Emperor and King Abdullah Muaiyatsyah Bujang Linga but escaped to continue mernburunya Aceh troops to the islands furthest to the South China Sea came to be exact in the waters of District Tambelan.
4. Origin of name Tambelan
During that Tambelan Island has not been named, with the arrival of the Sultan of Johor island is currently rated Tambelan narna Sabde Island, so named by his followers (Sultan Abdullah's entourage Muaiyatsyah, because the man of the king and his followers among the people who use language Johor palace palace such as:
Sabde: speak
Slave: I
My lord: King
Last Sabde on people they love this very very impressive deep down inside each group. To remind where their lord was buried that they do not know where it is then dilepaskanlah white chicken king's favorite yellow feet to determine where the sovereign will in kebumikan.
Sabde, sultan's decree orders the last king of this, that where the chicken's favorite perch is where he is buried. This message raises a very deep impression, so in an anthill from a distance that seems to arise then the mound was sinking in the ground called Sabde eventually transformed land islands sabde subde, finally a member of the group can not go on properly, so they joined the local population.
5. The delegation from the Riau
In connection with the news Mr. Sayyid Abu Bakr (the Sultan of Johor) never existed, then diutuslah entourage of Riau area, led by "Awang SEMIRAH YOUNG". Semirah Awang is Younger brother of Commander Striped tongue which, according to history he died Sabde waters near the island in a battle with lanon-lanon (pirate link) Philippine Moro. He dubbed his tongue because the tongue Striped striped. These heroes are from the royal linga.
The tomb is located disuatu betiau hill in the village of Lower-called local people with the name "Water Kingdom" about 200 meters from the village of Lower Tambelan roadway.
Sailboat that brought this group of Riau named "GELIUNGPANJANG", The berpenumpang include: Sultan of Siak, Sultan Sultan Mansur and Yahya, for the sake of both the sultan and his entourage is commander Striped Tongue of defending sultannya. He managed to save the group to wipe out Moro pirates. His tomb can be seen with bernisankan a granite stone and the pickpocket PSK Riau Province Department of Education Regional Office which at that time in the handshake by
Mr. M. Ali Effendi Hasbullah Hasbi put up signs with "MONOMENTEN Ordinance" tab un STB 238 1931 in the village of Lower Tambelan. Tomb of heroes who contributed to this very unfortunate not maintained properly sebagairnana.
Hopefully with this information it can be would get attention, both from the local community as well as from funds already provided by existing benda-benda/peninggalan kaitanya with historic restoration.
Before the troupe Sultan Sultan Mansur and Yahya landed, and the distant islands terlihatlah sabde like lights in a sea of ​​berkelipkelipan. The group who do not know the name of the island called the island sabde flicker with the name of the island "Kandel Bahar" which means
Pelita means Kandil (lamp)
Bahar means ocean (ocean)
Kandil Bahar contain meaningful sense "Kelipan latnpu in the middle of the ocean". On arrival they then receive an explanation from the local community that the island called the island Sabde Kandil Bahar.
The information conveyed by local residents indicate that the Sultan of Johore (Marhum Tambelan) is located on a hill / hill on a hill called Bentayan (Mentayan).
By working harder and entourage in helping local residents, the tomb of the Sultan of Johor who was originally located on the Mount Bentayan are not far away with Yuk Stone is now located at the tip of the Malay Village on the move to the tomb complex is present in the village of Batu Lepuk Tambelan.
The tomb is surrounded by four pieces of rock with a length of 345 cm and 120 cm wide on a rock is made up or lay a large rectangular stone length. Around the edges chiseled / charged with a length of 250 cm and width 45 cm and 45 cm thick.
On top of the rock consists of two gravestones composed of carved rocks, with the bottom base 27 x 27 cm. Tombstone as high as 100 cm in the direction to the East and South tertulislah with the art style of the Arabic alphabet Riq'at beautiful and neat with a bas-relief of the rock sculpture with the words the phrase:
The work is written on the tomb is written or written by Sultan Mansur who assisted the local population. When you have finished building the tomb of the deceased Sultan Mansur Tambelan with unexpected Sultan Mansur fell ill and soon afterwards by the will of Allah, then he died on the island sabde (Bahar Kandil Island) on Friday in 1143 or in 1723 AD H . He was buried not far away lies the tomb of King Youngest (Sultan Abdullah Muaiyatsyah).
It should be noted, that the tomb of Sultan Mansur only marked by two wooden pillars resak upper part has been eaten by termites. Very worrying when Raja Riau who has devoted himself to the Sultan of Johor did not get the attention of all parties, terutam population (society) to emphasize the Riau Islands in preserving the legacy of highly respected as a historic relic for keepsakes in the future.
With sadness Sultan Yahya as his brother and his entourage back to Riau, and on
The island state of Sultan Yahya Sepeninggalan Sabde semakain unsafe frequent robberies committed by the lanon-lanon.
6. Blockhouse
To maintain the security that everything is always guaranteed, especially the tomb of the sultan, on pennufakatan locals make fortifications that surround the tomb of the Emperor down to Padang Keluntak (Bukit shell) which is a place called the Kubu Aur defense Thorns. Camps that leads to a faction called the North Bay Abik defense. At South line called stronghold Sri Repelling (Water stronghold terbarung). Here lies an old meriarn successfully taken from the protugis.